“I learnt to fight till the last deuce - and in a very healthy manner - at IMT, Ghaziabad" says Mr. Deepak Mangla

Deepak Mangla, CEO, JP Morgan Services, India, IMT PGDM Batch 1989


Mention Deepak Mangla to one of his colleagues from IMT, Ghaziabad and the description attributed to him is either ‘Professor’, ‘Strategist’, or ‘Executor’. Perhaps, it is a sound mix of all the three that goes into the making of a ‘CEO’ of a corporate giant like JP Morgan Services, India. Those who were closely associated with Deepak Mangla at IMT, Ghaziabad, remember him as someone who would never get hassled even under the most trying of circumstances. Deepak had a deeply analytical, methodical and segmented approach to problem resolution, with remarkable courage and risk appetite. Amongst his batchmates at IMT, Ghaziabad, he is remembered for his relentless pursuit of goals, with a never-say-die attitude.

“I learnt to fight till the last deuce - and in a very healthy manner - at IMT, Ghaziabad. The spirit of competing with oneself, and not with the coparceners; understanding that in the race for excellence there is nothing called the best - and you can at best be a front runner - is what IMT, Ghaziabad made me realise. I also made some great, long-lasting friends at IMT, Ghaziabad. The faculty was always so welcoming, supportive and confidence-reinforcing, that it brought out the best in oneself. IMT, Ghaziabad is where I discovered the power of innocence and intelligence at their best.”

As the CEO, JP Morgan Services, India, Deepak’s start of the day is usually slow and very thoughtful. He reflects upon the priorities of the day, finalized during the end of the previous work-time to really decide the few key MUSTS for the day, as well as the WHAT NEXT. His day is usually well distributed between clients, people and review meetings. He believes in the human touch when it comes to connecting and relating to people across levels, rather than connecting through mails/messengers. He loves spending time on the work floor. Lunch is enjoyable and special, since the idea is to have it with someone, and talk in a focused yet very personable manner. Post-lunch his day gathers momentum, but he is never in a hurry to close the day.

“I normally do not go home till I am satisfied that I have completed everything that I feel was important or urgent. On the way back home, some good music sets the tone for the evening.”

Apart from his love for music, Deepak Mangla enjoys travelling, and is a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to Theatre. He finds immense satisfaction in taking leadership development sessions, and career counseling. His reading interests revolve around Economics, Consumer Behaviour and Production Management.

Deepak feels that IMT, Ghaziabad has been a good network to bounce-off personal ideas and stay connected on general trends and practices through peer network.

“IMT, Ghaziabad to me is all about inquisitive and innovative minds, entrepreneurial spirit, risk-taking appetite and flexible, long-term planners. IMT, Ghaziabad also means the well-stocked library, our student-managed dining room, and Professor Dhingra, who used to teach us Marketing, peppered with real life examples. Once, he invited some of us home for a High Tea… that was very touching. I cannot forget his simplicity and hospitality. The walk-way between the main block and hostel of IMT, Ghaziabad was my savior, as I used to walk, walk, and walk whenever confronted with confusion on certain issues. Those were simple days, full of positivity, hope and dreams. There were no limitations, no boundaries and no egos when we were at IMT, Ghaziabad.”