“IMT molded my life,”- Avantika Kapoor, a successful young Brand Manager, Batch 2009-2011

Avantika Kapoor, a successful young Brand Manager, tells us how IMT Gaziabad shaped her into becoming the person she wanted to be.


I spent two years at IMT Ghaziabad. Truthfully, those were the best years of my life: interesting, fulfilling, complete. Every time I think of those two years, it is with a wondrous smile. And a thank you from my heart.

Getting into IMT Ghaziabad was very challenging. Every step was filled with uncertainty, sleepless nights. My thoughts were filled with two questions: Will I get through? What if I don’t make it? I made it! When I found out, tears of jubilation coursed down my cheeks. Unheeded. Joyful. Excited. Thrilled. You get what I mean…

Once there, I found a whole spectrum of experiences waited for me. Because, IMT Ghaziabad gave me a strong and deep rooted culture that few other B-schools possess. We competed with fervor, took responsibility for what we did, played hard, set new levels of GPAs every term. The parties that followed lasted much longer than the guy with the largest capacity.

What I loved – and continue to love – most of all about IMT: it is a completely student-run B-school. From orientation to placements, from cultural events to handling hostels and discipline, from hosting international conferences to 72 hour-non stop sporting tournaments: students run this school. They make it a livewire of engaging and challenging experiences which transform into countless lessons in management, human behavior, money management and lots more.

During the 1st year, I was exposed to a gamut of business fields: organizational behaviour, financial management and entrepreneurship. I found I had an undying interest in marketing.

In the 2nd year, I got to study relevant subjects such as strategic brand management, marketing of services, new product development etc. The professors had the knowledge, practical experience, charm and skill required to train us in these domains. We often wound up chatting endlessly with them outside the classroom about the best Indian entrepreneur or whether the latest M&A deal made any strategic sense. The academic richness of the college gave me the skills and knowledge to land me an intensive internship in sales force management and finally, my dream job in branding.

Personally, I could not have asked to fit more experience, growth, maturity and learning in any 2 years of my life. As a member of the Student Affairs Council, I had to lead and manage the lives of 1000 students every single day. As the coordinator of our flagship management and cultural festival, I learned about strategizing, raising sponsorships worth lakhs of rupees and marketing. The added bonus was an ability to cope with extreme amounts of stress.

Sports are akin to religion at IMT. I picked up two – throw ball and badminton – and played on till the early hours of some mornings.

The great part about having a large batch size was that I learned to deal with the most interesting and diverse set of people and forged friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

IMT gave me the opportunity to spend a trimester as an exchange student. I went IPADE Business School, Mexico, which is one amongst the FT Top 100 B-schools in the world. What a learning experience that was! I got exposure to global business practices, interacted with business managers from around the world, imbibed cross cultural skills and travelled the world on my own.

Each day was memorable. Still, some stand out as perfect in the mind. Like those night-long meetings at the Student Affairs office, the thrill that coursed through my veins when I was appreciated for a perfect sales presentation, the anxiety of giving a dozen interviews on the first day of placements, the unending conversations sitting at the “hallowed” amphitheatre, the shouts and celebrations when our section won the nail-biting basketball finals – nothing less than winning the World Cup. And, of course, the 12 hour marathon parties that followed.

IMT meant for those seeking to open their mind, learn about management – its technicalities, theories and applications. Here they will learn to decode business jargon, grow in an environment that broadens personal horizons while equipping them to successfully thrive in a competitive industry. A management qualification from IMT opens doors to the most exciting career opportunities in globally renowned companies. IMT stands for the freedom to extensively explore and develop oneself and that in turn translates into growth in one’s career path.

For me, IMT summed up as a checklist of everything that I looked for in a B-school.