Featured IMT Ghaziabad alumni


It is a great pride to be an alumna of the prestigious IMT.

Says Arushi Bhandari a 2001 MBA Graduate from IMT Ghaziabad

Arushi Bhandari a 2001 MBA Graduate from IMT Ghaziabad is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of California. She specialises in Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Revenue Recognition, Administering and Auditing Stock Transactions, Capitalization Table, assisting different start up clients in the due diligence process of M&A and Venture Capital Funding.

Arushi started her career in 2002 as a Supervisor in US bank and is currently working as a Technical Accounting Manager with SOA Projects, Inc. Arushi has also published eBooks like ‘STARTUP Financing, Equity and Tax’ and ‘Introduction to Equity Compensation’, which are available on Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle and Google Playstore. She is a guest blogger at different startup platforms including ‘The Startup Garage’ and ‘Belmont Acquisitions’. She maintains a public blog at www.startuptaxaccounting.com wherein she writes about financing, accounting and taxation related topics.

Talking about her IMT days, Arushi says, “It is a great pride to be an alumna of the prestigious IMT. I opted for IMT’s PGDBM program, as I wanted to become the master of all trades – be it Finance, Accounting, Marketing or Operations. The lessons learned at IMT provide a strong foundation to my career and help in maintaining a work-life balance today”

IMT’s curriculum fosters all necessary qualities in you to become a global management professional and entrepreneurs. The institute imparts leadership and risk taking skills to perform better in tough situations in your career. I would recommend my fellow IMTians to develop a passion for learning by focusing on knowledge in integration with reasoning, understanding, and developments of today’s corporate world. It is always a good idea to introspect your capabilities as well as possibilities before you venture on new entrepreneurial ideas or think of changing your career.

Details about the e-Books
"STARTUP Financing, Equity & Tax" provides insights into daily issues encountered by entrepreneurs, financial and executive professionals and other individuals. It covers important topics such as the impact of JOBS Act and Dodd Frank Act on startup funding, important terms like angel, accredited investors, venture capitalists, stock options - NSOs vs. ISOs, Restricted Stock, RSUs. It gives in depth examples and templates explaining important documents like Term Sheet, Cap Table, Convertible Securities plus the importance of 83(b) filing. The eBook is not specific to US law. It contains many generic terms and details which professionals worldwide can benefit from.

Apple iBookstore https://goo.gl/v80l1S
Kindle Edition http://goo.gl/3oiv2Z
Google Play: https://goo.gl/NZtREm

Introduction to Equity Compensation” insights into the various equity compensation structures by doing a thorough in depth analysis of the pros and cons of Stock Options(ISOs and NSOs), ESPP, RSUs, Restricted Stocks, Stock Appreciation Rights and others that are commonly used at both private and public companies. It enumerates strategies for individuals who have equity as a component of their total compensation. It also gives details for holding period requirements to gain preferential tax treatment and outlines tax consequences on exercise (inclusion in AMT vs Ordinary Income), 83(b) filing and section 409A compliance requirements.

Apple iBookstore: https://goo.gl/ppH8P7
Kindle edition: http://goo.gl/ya4b4r
Google Play : https://goo.gl/6Ckh6e