“The kind of practical exposure that we got was crucial. It was more than just theoretical learning.”

Arshad Siddiqui, Director- Sales & Marketing. Religare ‘Super Religare Laboratories’Alumnus,IMT Ghaziabad


Arshad Siddiqui unabashedly describes himself as a “strategist” and that is not far from the truth. A marketing guru, he prides himself on understanding what a company needs and bridging the gap between the company and consumers like no other. “Every company has different dynamics and a different set of costumers and therefore, a different set of requirements. One has to understand these differences and build a strategy around it accordingly,” he opines.

One look at his track record since he passed out of IMT Ghaziabad after pursuing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management 13 years ago will put any doubts to rest. His body of work, ranging from FMCG to pharmaceuticals to sales and marketing, is strong and he believes he is one of the fortunate few to have had the opportunity to work across the market.

Currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at Super Religare Laboratories, Siddiqui has changed the face of many a company before he got here. It was due to the genius of his strategies that Unani herbal medicine brand, Hamdard, recorded a double digit growth. “At Hamdard, we built a new distribution structure, improved their availability and ensured that the communication and strategy for products were aligned with consumer demands,” he says on how they managed to turn things around for better. Apart from this, FMCG brands like ITC and healthcare labels like Amway and Balsara have also benefitted from his expertise.

The successful man instantly gives credit to his education and the skills picked up at IMT Ghaziabad for his success. “The kind of practical exposure that we got was crucial. It was more than just theoretical learning. Teachers came up with a lot of case studies and situational analysis, which are definitely very important while working,” he quips. Arshad holds many fond memories of partying during his stint at the institute and working at the last minute. That said, he also believes that the toughest competition they faced was within IMT itself. “Everyone was competing with everyone there. And each individual is better than the other.” Thanks to this testing environment, Arshad has managed to make success a constant companion. “It’s a corporate setting, so you have to be on the edge at all times,”he says – and that’s a quality he has in abundance!