“The first year at IMT-Ghaziabad is very crucial - make the most of it.”

Anurag Jain, Bank of America


It is well known that aspirants, who convert IMT-Ghaziabad, carry the notion that life at B-school is just an extension of their student life. Anurag Jain too entered the PGDM course in HR at IMT-Ghaziabad with the aim of learning as much as possible; not just the theory part, but the practical aspects of management as well, from the faculty. Very early into his first year at IMT-Ghaziabad, Anurag discovered that there was a huge amount of learning beyond the ambit of the classrooms as well.

“I have definitely learnt a lot from IMT-Ghaziabad, academically. But IMT-Ghaziabad encourages a ‘beyond academics’ approach as well. Even today, 4 years out of IMT-Ghaziabad and into my career at Bank of America, I use a lot of my experiences gained from the group activities at IMT-Ghaziabad, especially as the Coordinator of the ‘HRuday’ club. We were always on the ball, organizing various events, round the year. The bond that I built with my friends - we were a notorious group of 12-15 friends – is priceless. The conversations in the amphitheatre, trudging down to ‘Nescafe’ to buy a coffee at 4 or 5 in the morning, long walk around the campus during the night and the parties at IMT-Ghaziabad – it really groomed us into all-rounders.”

… and an all-rounder just like Anurag Jain is what MNC’s like Bank of America are on the look-out for at IMT-Ghaziabad campus placements. Since passing out of IMT-Ghaziabad in 2008, Anurag has gained professional expertise in areas of compensation & benefits design, HR policies & procedures and integration and harmonization activities, he pursues his hobbies and interests of writing short stories and travelling, religiously.

“4 years back when I passed out of IMT-Ghaziabad, HR was considered an administrative job. It is now looked upon as a partner in the growth strategy of organizations. Awareness in the corporate world has increased and the field of Human Resources has also evolved, and is far more stimulating than it previously was.”

No wonder, Anurag sees himself embarking on a start-up in about 5 years from now. He also feels that the changing times should reflect in a more flexible course structure of top-rung B-schools like IMT-Ghaziabad, with fewer restrictions in the selection of electives and the ability to switch courses.

He advises the current batches of IMT-Ghaziabad to make use of the variety of opportunities available to them to gain a lot of exposure and build a strong CV.

“The first year at IMT-Ghaziabad is very crucial - make the most of it. You are only as good as what you have gained during the past two years of your life. Carry a pen-drive around; you never know when you might come across some interesting information that you’d like to keep.”