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(For PGDM 2 yrs Full-Time and MBA Program IMT Dubai)

Candidates applying 21st January 2014 onwards, kindly update your additional test score(s) (XAT 2014 / GMAT or CMAT) using IMT Admissions Portal latest by 1st February 2014.

CAT 2013 score is obtained by IMT directly from IIM’s CAT agency.

1. If I choose to submit more than one type of score (example CAT plus XAT) will I be required to pay double?
No. You only have to pay Rs 1750 for the application fee. You have to enter one test (Roll No/ID) compulsorily and then have the option of submitting other test scores as well. The best score among the submitted score will be considered.

2. What factors are considered in short-listing applicants for interview?
For IMT Ghaziabad, applicants are short-listed for interviews based on one of the following admitted scores: CAT 2013, XAT 2014 or valid GMAT scores. GMAT scores (1st January 2010 – 20th January 2014).

For IMT Nagpur & Hyderabad applicants are short-listed for interviews based on one of the following admitted scores: CAT 2013, XAT 2014, CMAT (Second Test Conducted in February 2013)/ CMAT 2013 (Additional Test, Conducted in May 2013)/ CMAT 2013 (First Test Conducted in September 2013) or valid GMAT scores.

3. Are there any sectional cut-offs while short listing for interviews?
IMT considers the aggregate scores and doesn’t have separate sectional cut-offs when short-listing applicants.

4. What are the different factors considered in making a final offer?
The following factors are considered in making a final offer: work-experience, academic record and performance during the written communication test and the personal interview round.

5. Is there one common application form for all campuses? Do I have to individually list the campuses I am interested in?
There is one common application for the four campuses - Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Dubai. In the online application form, you need to mention your campus preference. At least one campus has to be mentioned or maximum of all campus preferences can be given. At the time of final offering you will be informed about the campus you are selected for.

6. How to convert CGPA into percentage?
1. Please follow your university/institution stated rule for conversion of CGPA into percentage
2. In case your university/institution does not have any scheme or rule to convert CGPA into percentage(that means the above rule does not apply), the same can be done by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the result with 100

7. How to calculate percentage in 10th and 12th standard?
IMT takes the aggregate percentage in 10th and 12th standard

8. When will I be asked about my preferences for specializations? When do I give preferences for campuses?

Preference for specialization will be asked during the GD/PI round. Once you submit your preferences, you will not be allowed to change them at a later date.

9. How do we submit copies of CAT, XAT, CMAT and GMAT score?
CAT scores are automatically provided to IMT. For XAT, CMAT and GMAT you will be able to update through IMT admissions portal on or before February 1st, 2014.

10. How do I know which scores to submit?
You can choose to submit more than one score. IMT will choose the best score before giving out the admissions offer.

11. What are the specializations being offered at IMT Ghaziabad/ Nagpur/ Hyderabad/ Dubai?

Please refer to the website of each campus.

12. How many students will be admitted in 2014?

IMT Ghaziabad will be offering 420 seats in PGDM and 180 in Dual Country PGDM, IMT Nagpur will be offering 360 and IMT Hyderabad will be offering 240 seats.

13. At this point in time do I need to send my academic transcripts/documents?

No. At this point in time you are not required to send/mail/upload your academic transcript/documents. Only those applicants who are paying by DD need to affix their passport-size photo to the tear-off sheet.

14. At this point in time, am I supposed to mail my application form to IMT?

Only those applicants who are making the application fee payment through DD are required to post the ‘tear-off’ sheet to IMT. Those applicants, who are directly making the payment online, are not required to mail the application separately.

15. If I make payment online, do I have to send IMT anything afterward?

No. Once your online payment goes through and your ‘Application Number’ is generated, your application is considered complete. You do not have to post/email anything to IMT.

16. What if I don't get a confirmation email within 24 hours of completing my application?

In case you do not receive a confirmation email on completing the online application, you can still log on to the ‘Admissions Portal’, which will have the updated status on your application.
- Login on IMT Admissions Portal:
- Login id: Your IMT Application Number
- Password: Same as entered earlier during application process.

17. When will my application status get updated on the link ?

When you make the online payment, the application status gets updated immediately. For those choosing to send a DD with the tear-off sheet, the application status is updated once the DD is received at the admissions office.

18. Does IMT have links with banks for student loans?

19. When will the interview shortlist be out?
First week of February 2014