IMT- University of San Diego Practicum Program

We indeed take pleasure in sharing the details of the practicum conducted with students of University of San Diego from January 5,2013 to January 15,2013. The participants were Global MBA students, who on an average, had about 4-5 years of corporate experience with USA based companies. IMT Students and USD students both jointly tried to identify strategies and solutions for the various projects that were offered.

This provided an amazing platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas, business practices, work culture, etc. among the students.

The various organisations where they worked were:

1) Blue Dart
The objective of the project at Blue Dart was to offer recommendations to executives at Blue Dart that will potentially help increase the shareholder value and the Net Income. For this the team worked extensively by studying and analyzing the company’s warehousing and logistics network in NCR (National Capital Region) and proposed three models for the same. If implemented, these recommendations would potentially lead to an improved “On-Time Performance” and decreased transportation costs for Blue Dart’s ground express services in Northern India.

2) Cox and Kings
The objective of the project here was to thoroughly study the Incoming leisure business to India, extrapolate its trend for the next 5 years and also study the sustainability of MICE over the next couple of years. For this the team extensively studied the existing market scenario and used certain statistical tools on the collected data. The pattern identified helped them provide various useful insights and recommendations.

3) Alankit Group
This was a financial project which dealt with Analysis of Equity trading/Broking in India, in comparison to US markets. The project was designed in such a way that the students from both the universities could facilitate the flow of knowledge.The team had to do a comparative study of Indian equity market vis-à-vis US markets and also study the factors affecting the equity markets globally.

At the end of the practicum, these are some of the feedbacks that we received from USD participants.

"It was priceless working in a team with Indian business school students because I learned things from them that I would only be able to from a peer, as opposed to from a professor or company employee."

"I had an awesome time; it was a wonderful experience. Outside of the project, I saw some amazing things, and within the actual project, I learned a lot both content-wise and teammate-wise.