Never starved for things to do, those in a sporting mood or the serious outdoor types can avail of the various recreational facilities. Outdoor sports include the game all of India is obsessed by – Cricket. Other outdoor games you can play on campus are Football, Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball.

Those who prefer getting their recreation in controlled indoor environs can indulge in games like table tennis, carom and chess. The campus also has a well equipped gymnasium complete with weights for students.

Free to move as they please, students are often seen simply chilling at the amphitheatre. It is a favourite spot with many students who come here to unwind or for some peace and quiet while they concentrate on their studies.

Various management computer games are a huge draw. Student teams organize themselves and compete with each other, trying their best to do that extra point better, go one level higher and set new records.

Throughout the year, while studies and academics are in focus, the mind needs to unwind. For that, student committees like the ‘Cultural Committee’ and ‘Sports Committee’ organize myriad events through the year.