IMTian at the Harvard Conference 2014

Pragyanshree Jagati, IMT Ghaziabad, Batch of 2015 made it to the Harvard Conference 2014 held at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA from February 14-17 2014. She was the Indian Delegate in the Business Leadership Panel.

Since 1991, HPAIR has continuously brought together established leaders and top students to engage in dialogues regarding the most pressing issues facing Asia. The delegates, though geographically diverse, consistently represent the top students from world-renowned universities. In addition, the conference speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including academia, business, and politics.

The Conference aims to:
• Provide a dynamic forum of exchange on international issues vital to Asia
• Foster long-term relationships among young leaders from around the globe
• Connect talented delegates with today’s leaders in academia, business, and government

The Harvard Conference
Continuing its tradition of academic excellence, the Harvard Conference seeks to create a rigorous forum for dialogue and exchange. The 2014 Conference invited both international students and Harvard students to come together in February for four days. With the theme of “The Many Faces of Asia: Shaping Identities in a Dynamic World” conference attendees explored pertinent issues concerning the Asia region, including business leadership, entrepreneurship, health, and media. Attendees had the opportunity to investigate these issues in-depth through plenary sessions, panel sessions, seminars and case studies.

The Conference Theme: The many faces of ASIA- Shaping Identities in a Dynamic World
Asia has transformed itself into a world superpower in the past decades. The economic success stories of Japan, the Four Tigers, and now China have been used as models worldwide. At the same time, Asia has vibrant history and culture with thousands of years of tradition that reaches far beyond its borders. As Asia spirals into faster development, how will Asia maintain its essence in such a fast-paced world? The HPAIR Harvard Conference 2014 provided a forum to discuss the many faces of Asia in the 21st century. The delegates were equipped with the tools and ideas to have the ability to shape Asia’s identity that will accelerate Asia’s development moving forward.

Conference Highlights
• Hosted at Harvard University
• More selective and interactive of the two HPAIR conferences
• 200 delegates selected from a highly rigorous application process
• 50 prominent speakers
• Case studies designed by experts for scintillating discussions and debates

The Business Leadership Panel
The New Business Leaders of Asia -This panel explored the role of leadership in Asia in the context of corporations, nationalization of industries, and response to crises. There was discussion on how the new types of challenges and opportunities in Asia necessitate a new type of business leadership. How can business leaders in Asia benefit the public? How can corporations recover from severe difficulties? How will greater competition impact the growth of Asian businesses? Imperatively, we need new ideas, new goals, and new leaders in Asia.